The Team

Chris Wade

MD/Keys/Vocals/Creative Director

Chris has years of experience in many party/function bands, tribute shows, doing session work and working on original projects with various artists.

He is the creative brains behind Ultra 90s, building this exciting show from scratch. With clever links between songs, great choice of tunes, awesome lighting and production from start to finish, Chris also gives a strong and passionate performance on every show, without fail.

Kelly Borkertas

Lead Vocalist/Operations Director

Kelly is an experienced and extremely talented vocalist. She’s got the voice, the look and the moves! She brings Ultra 90s to life, gets the crowd going and most importantly has a lot of passion for this show. With growing up in her teenage years in the 90s, it’s the perfect era for her to give it her all for every performance.

Declan Doran


Instrument – Drums.

Likes – Touring, Performing, Live Music, Harley Davidson.

Experience – Playing drums from the age of 11 and in bands from 14 years old, ranging from local bands to international touring bands including playing for the Royal Air Force Voluntary Bands. Lucky enough to have played shows all over Europe and Scandinavia. Currently playing for Cypher16. I have been part of the Ultra 90s since June 2019 so by all accounts.. a newbie!

Favourite Food – Jack Daniels

Fun Fact – I served 5 years As a Fire Fighter in the Royal Air Force

Cory Maxwell

Crew/Hype Man/Vocals

Instruments/Roles – Vocals, can hold a beat on drums, Hype Man

Likes – Cycling, playing Xbox, watching various genres of movies, listenting and dancing to 90s music πŸ˜‰ and creating cool stuff on photoshop and after effects

Experience – Touring with Ultra 90s including setting up, dancing and pack-down. I’m also a fully qualified level 2 Plumber and level 3 trained in both Fire & Safety and First Aid

Favourite Food – has to be Subway

Fun fact – I can jump really high and jump off things at height and sustain no damage

Emma Brett

Dance Captain

Instruments/Roles – Choreographer, Dance Captain and Dancer

Likes – Dancing, playing the piano, travelling all over the world and eating international food!

Experience – BA hons in Dance Performance and have since performed internationally in various hotels, casinos, cruise ships, events and theme parks as a dancer, choreographer and magician’s assistant

Favourite Food – Cake!

Fun fact – I’ve been performing for Ultra 90s since 2010 and even danced for them on a cruise ship contract!

Michelle Borkertas

Stage Manager/Catering

Instrument/roles – Singer, can rap a little too. Artist manager, Stage manager and tour mum (catering) (Dep Vocals for Fresh 90s/90s Jam)

Likes – Singing, Kickboxing (currently Green belt), Driving, Walking, Family time, binge watching Netflix

Experience – Always sang in plays at school and had the lead role at a performance at Belvoir castle with the National School. Started singing with ‘The Quantum Project’ in 2006, branching out solo in 2008. Now back working with the PX teams as various roles, singer, manager administrator you name it I do it πŸ˜‰

Favourite food – Chocolate

Fun fact – I once had the talent of fitting in bass drum cases (check out YouTube) then I had my children lol

Leah Knight


Instruments/Roles – Dancer for PX productions… but all round performer

Likes – Travelling, hot weather, my hot tub, spending time with my husband, family and friends including my french bulldog!

Experience – I started dancing and performing on stage at quite a young age. I have joined many local musical societies and performed for many years with them including dance groups. I am now head choreographer for some of these groups and also teach dance to children and adults with The Beth Cresswell School of Dance. I continued my love for performing arts after school where I took qualifications in musical theatre. Once I left and qualified with a BTEC in musical theatre, I was asked to joined the Ultra 90s team where I have stayed since 2011! I have toured the country with Ultra 90s, The Motowners and Ultra Noughties/Dirty Waves. I hope I stay for many more years!

Favourite Food – Italian pizza and pasta!

Fun fact – I danced with Clare from Steps after performing at Rylans wedding, I also try to have at least 5 holidays abroad a year… failing that, I try to go to 5 destinations abroad… woops!

Candice Waterman


Instruments/Role – Vocals, mainly Musical Theatre – and an Ultra 90s Dancer!

Likes – Obviously dancing and singing! Spontaneous days out and mini adventures, trying new things and spending time with friends/family.

Experience – I started dancing at a young age and went on to train at LIPA and Shockout Arts, completing BA Homs Degree. I then went onto PGCE M Cert 14+ to become a qualified teacher of Creative Arts. I now run my own Arts centre in Manchester. I joined the Party Like Gatsby European tour and spent over a year with them, appeared in music videos, choreographed for big events and Pantomime’s across Manchester and worked for numerous entertainment companies across the UK.

Favourite Food – Everything but especially Italian and Chinese, and I love a good Sunday roast!

Fun Fact – I am an official workaholic.. during my last year at Uni, I worked as a dance teacher, a Casino events assistant, a shot seller in a nightclub, a performer in a night club and a catering assistant at events across Manchester including Christmas Markets – all at the same time, whilst in full time training completing my degree – and I SURVIVED.

Claudia Thompson


Instruments/Role – Dancer, Vocals (musical theatre), bit of ukulele

Likes – Performing! Gymnastics, teaching, running, yoga, crochet, nature walks, finding new hobbies

Experience – I was a gymnast competing at national level until the age of 14 when I gave up to start dancing (parents wouldn’t let me do both!). I went on to complete a 3 year vocational diploma in Musical Theatre at Phil Winston’s Theatreworks College. Just before graduation I was offered a job as a dancer for P&O Cruises and started dancing around the world. Since then I have worked as a showgirl at a circus in Denmark, spent 3 years as Dance Captain onboard MSC Cruises, performed at Indian weddings, been a magician’s assistant, taught dance and acrobatics, worked as a dancer in nightclubs, been a performing christmas elf at a grotto in Milton Keynes and a dancer for Ultra 90s!

Favourite Food – Italian, anything vegetarian, cheese

Fun Fact – In primary school I wrote a poem ‘The ginger cat’ which was published in a book for young poets! – Clearly my greatest achievement to date

Kayleigh Ashdown


Instruments/Role – Dancer, Actor, Singer and the girliest looking drummer you’ll ever meet.

Likes – PERFORMING! Meeting new people, spending time with my favourite people, trying new things, exploring the world, going out of my comfort zone and living life half full.

Experience – I danced since I was 3 years old. I went on to train for 3 years at Italia Conti Arts Centre and also gained my teaching qualifications in ISTD and PGCE. I have been lucky to be able to tick off everything on my performing bucket list with my most recent contracts being a dancer at Disneyland Paris and in Dubai. I joined the Ultra 90s family over a year ago and I am so grateful to be able to still dance professionally alongside my full time job working as a musical theatre licensing manager to widen my knowledge on other aspects of the industry I am so passionate about.

Favourite Food – Triple choc sensation dairy milk chocolate is to die for. But can’t go wrong with a good old homemade spag bowl.

Fun Fact – I still have my blue peter badge from singing reach for the stars on blue peter – my highlight was meeting basil brush!

Hannah Gotts


Intruments/Roles – Dancer

Likes – Fitness classes, long walks, animals

Experience – I have loved dancing from a young age and trained at Tiffany Theatre College in ballet, tap, jazz, commercial and musical theatre. I have worked as a Christmas parade dancer for Harrods and character performer for Little Princess Parties. I have also performed for various event companies at clubs and venues across the South Coast.

Favourite food – Everything – there’s literally no food I wont eat!

Fun fact – I ran a marathon a few years ago. Never again!

Faith-Ella Borkertas


Intruments/Roles – Choreographer/Dancer

Likes – Performing, Travelling, summer, bringing positive vibes

Experience – Competitive dancer since age 8, professional dancer since age 14, performed in many pantomimes alongside Boby Davro, Twiste & Pulse, Kia Pegg to name a few.

Favourite Food – Italian, mini eggs (sweet tooth), greggs

Fun fact – I love water! I drink at least 4 litres a day! You will always find me with a 24oz cup.